Privacy Policy

The following governs what contact information we collect from you and how we use it:

  1.  We only collect that information necessary to follow-up with you, our client, when you have expressed an interest in our services.
  2.  We will also use the information we collect to follow-up with you after you have received services.
  3. The information collected is never sold or otherwise shared with any third party outside this firm, without consent of the client, with the exception of information requested by court subpoena.
  4. Those clients utilizing counseling services will acknowledge and receive a copy of privacy practices related to mental health counseling and HIPAA requirements in our “New Patient Packet”.  For those clients, that privacy policy will supersede this content.

Hypnosis Disclaimer

Hypnosis is a powerful alternative treatment and can help in many ways.  While we have strong beliefs in its effectiveness, we can make no guarantees of success for any issue.  Our hypnotists have received the proper training and education prior to engaging in the practice of hypnosis on any client.  This firm uses clinical hypnosis to help our clients enhance their lives in positive ways.




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